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Please note that the timelines are different from prints to canvas prints.


For original paintings, the artist takes 2-3 days to pack it and ship it. The clients will choose the shipment methods that fits the most and will be able to track the package and get all the informations about it.


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Victoire Perez

Victoire is an independent paint artist born and raised in the French Alps, residing in the Sea to Sky, Canada.

She started painting at 7 years back in Annecy, France. She has been exhibiting and creating bodies of work that follows her experiences and the culture in the mountains, countryside and river valleys.

She is best known for her Blue & Red Series released in 2022. In April she launched her new collection, based on a modern Western theme.

  • Press & Publication

    • 2024 - Cowboy Coffee Magazine Vol2
    • 2024 - Radio Canada, Live interview
    • 2024 - Panorama Podcast, Cbc Radio Canada
  • Exhibitions

    • 2024 - Mount Currie Coffee Co. Pemberton (Solo show).
    • 2022 - Mile One Eating House, Pemberton (Solo Show).
    • 2022 - Studio Tour, Squamish
    • 2022 - Café ORR, Montreal (Solo Show).
    • 2021 - La Folie D, Private exhibition, France (Solo Show).
  • Certification

    • 2022 - Federation of Canadian Artists, Active Member badge.
    • 2021 - Artist recognition certificate, Luxembourg Gallery.

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